JY02A 4.4V-5.5V Peripheral Circuit Debugging SPWM Driver IC, ASIC 5pcs For Sensorless BLDC Motor

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JY02A is ASIC for sensorless brushless DC motor, with simple peripheral circuit, perfect function, compact size, simple debugging (almost no debugging), high drive efficiency, flexible application, widely application, etc. JY02A is a pure hardware application IC, which solve the trouble of writing programs. JY02A internally solidifies various sensorless brushless DC motor drive control circuits, such as adaptive start circuit, power compensation circuit,Q value correction circuit, power factor correction, Phase detection circuit, bidirectional operation decoding circuit,locked-rotor protection circuit, back electromotive force detection circuit, current detection & control circuit, voltage detection & protection circuit, etc., after a very few amount of external component adjustment, can drive various sensorless brushless DC motor, JY02A has a certain load-starting capability, which is very important in most applications.JY02A can be applied to three-phase DC brushless motor with "Y" and "triangle" connection.


sweeping robots, automotive water pumps, wall-hung boiler circulation pumps, home booster pumps,oxygen generators, various fans/blowers, electric screwdrivers, electric curtains, automatic doors, hydraulic oil pumps,high pressure air pumps, automotive air conditioning compressors , DC brushless compressor, AGV trolley, various linear and loop logistics sorting equipment, lawn mower, sprayer, underwater propeller, etc.

☆Working voltage:4.5 v-5.5 V.
☆Working temperature: -55-125 ℃
☆Drive mode: SPWM 
☆Adaptive motor: Sensorless BLDC motor
☆Direction control: CW/CCW
☆Soft reversing: Yes
☆Speed signal: Yes
☆Constant current drive: Yes
☆Current closed loop: Yes
☆Overload protection: Yes
☆Blocking protection: Yes
☆Starting torque regulation: Yes
☆Soft starting: Yes
☆Special technology: JYKJ full condition safety start function
☆Speed adjustment: linear
☆EAI self-adaptation function

JY02A Drive mode and parameters:

1:UH/VH/WH phase top drive PWM output,UL/VL/WL phase bottom drive commutation signal
output, this drive mode is a economic way to reduce the costs of hardware, especially in
application of high voltage and high-power motor drivers. top drive PWM output mode is
more easier circuit and higher stability than bottom drive PWM output mode.

2:The PWM frequency of JY02A is 13KHz, which not only takes into account the comprehensive
ratio of efficiency and noise, but also increases the power and reduces the power consumption
of the driving circuit . The torque of the motor is higher than that of 20KHz under the same
power supply.

Pulse of JY02A
Please take a note that JY02A output one pulse signal during the BLDC motor commutating
phase each time. It means JY02A not produce one pulse when the motor turn a round. For
example as following schematic diagram: its an inner rotor, 2 pairs pole motor, it means the
motor needs commutating phase for 6 times for each round, so JY02A will output 6 pulses each
motor round

Packing size

Diagram of pin functioin description

Download soecification of JY02A brushless sensorless driver IC.

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