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High Efficiency 12V or 24V Mini Linear Actuator For Solar Panel

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OLA-930 Linear Actuator, designed for versatile applications with a focus on efficiency and durability. This actuator operates on 12V or 24V DC input voltage, offering a wide stroke length range of 50-600mm. With a maximum load capacity of 6000N, it can handle various tasks with ease. Boasting a travel speed of 8.5-12 mm/s, it ensures swift and precise movements for optimal performance. Featuring an integrated limit switch and an IP65 rating, it offers enhanced safety and protection against dust and water. The OLA-930 operates flawlessly in extreme temperatures, from -40 to 65℃, making it suitable for various environments. With a 400mm cable length, it provides flexibility in installations. Its applications range from solar panels and garage door openers to satellite antennas, combine harvesters, and silage harvesters. The OLA-930 Linear Actuator combines efficiency, durability, and versatility to meet your needs in a compact and powerful package. Click here for more details.

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