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Bextreme Shell Motor Resistance System For Explosive Power Test Fitness Equipment

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Smart Servo Motor Resistance System Presentation

    The benefits of the Technolog

    1: Bextreme Shell intelligent resistance system adopts high-precision, high-speed FOC servo control mode to provide accurate, stable and smooth resistance output, the maximum can last 115kg output, can be steplessly adjusted, the system structure is compact, the motor weight is only 4.7kg, can be easily and quickly applied to aerobic models and anaerobic power equipment.

    2: Different from the traditional mechanical iron sheet load, this system can give rich system data, such as pull-out distance, pull-out strength, pull-out speed, retraction strength, training time, etc., relying on accurate and rich data output, it is easy to realize data acquisition and analysis, achieve accurate analysis of exercise effects, facilitate background user data management, and make more scientific training plans and courses for users.

    3: Rich training modes, this system has concentric mode (pull-out force is greater than retraction force), eccentric mode (pull-out force is less than retraction force), elastic mode (the farther the pull-out distance, the greater the force), vibration mode (motor high-frequency vibration, can relax the muscles after training), professional mode (can be adjusted arbitrarily according to user habits)

    4: The system has a unique patented motion protection mode--- safety centrifugal rope return mode (SSR), this technology can be turned on and off according to user habits, this safety technology can limit the speed of the rope return in large resistance (more than 20kg) mode to achieve the purpose of safety protection beginners.

    5: Rich communication interface, UART, USB, CAN ports to adapt to the development needs of different customers, the system's communication protocol compatibility is high, compatible with different national protocol formats (HEX, ASCII, etc.).

    6: Rich team industry experience, not only provide technical support for resistance system, but also provide professional machine development assistance, help customers avoid detours, quickly complete the process of complete products.

    Our Technolog

    The servo motor

    Relying on years of experience in the research and development of brushless DC motor products, after 4 generations of motor design improvement and update, the final manufacture of a large torque servo motor suitable for use in the fitness industry.

    1.Input voltage:36-48VDC

    2.Max torque:45N.M

    3.Rotate speed: 450rpm

    4.Diameter of the capstan:80-85mm

    5.Max resistance output: 115kg(250Lbs)

    6.Diameter of the motor:170mm

    7.Width of the motor(include shaft): 155mm


    Servo motor control

    In order to pursue the ultimate experience in the fitness process of the end user, the servo controller has undergone 14 software and hardware debugging upgrades, striving to match the servo motor with the best degree and achieve the maximum silky smoothness.

    High performance servo controller Beedrive V2.4


    2.Dedicated algorithms for fitness equipment

    3.UART, USB & CAN and other rich communication interfaces

    4.Bluetooth module can be added

    5.Two controllers can also be combined into a dual motor controller.

    Recommended motor installation

    Rope-pulley combination


    The smart Servo motor resistancce system fits  well with most fitness equipment.

    The upper control

    The upper control

    1.We have developed our own knob screen to set the system resistance strength on the knob screen

    2.Nneed for cumbersome operation, can quickly set parameters for exercise, can also built-iBluetooth module, easy to connect with APP.

    3.Ithe future, wwill develop more screen sizes tmeet the needs odifferent models

    4.The development oserial port screen is relatively easy, and the hardware cost ilow, which imore suitable for the transformation and upgrading olarge-scale equipment

    App development planning

    1.At presentwe have an APP on the Window side, which currently implements function settings and some data display.

    2. Iaddition, whave cooperated with some well-known apps, such aFitshow and Jianyan Sports, and our communication protocol has been opened with them.

    3.Ithe future, wplan tbuild a fitness equipment development platform APP with our resistance system athe underlying actuator, sthat customers can get their own brand APP aa small cost.

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