AC 110V 220V input Original JYQD-V8.8B bldc motor drivers board for sensorless brushless DC motor.

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Operating voltage:
220V AC
Product name:
High voltage motor controller
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110V/220V input Original JYQD-V8.8B bldc motor driver board for sensorless brushless DC motor

Our JYQD-V8.8B 220V AC BLDC motor driver board, a versatile and efficient solution for driving and controlling brushless DC motors. This board is specifically designed to provide precise speed regulation and direction control for BLDC motors operating at 220V AC power input.Experience precise speed regulation, direction control, and reliable motor operation with our 220V AC BLDC motor driver board. Unlock the potential of your brushless DC motor applications with this versatile and high-performance solution. Choose our motor driver board for efficient motor control and seamless integration into your systems.

1.With JUYI JYQD series bldc motor driver's advanced features, the motor driver board supports both PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and analog voltage speed regulation methods. This allows for flexible control options, enabling users to adjust the motor speed based on their specific requirements. Whether you prefer the precision of PWM control or the simplicity of analog voltage regulation, our motor driver board offers both options for your convenience.

2.In addition to speed regulation, our motor driver board also provides forward and reverse direction control, allowing you to easily switch the motor rotation based on your application needs. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as robotics, industrial machinery, and automation systems where bi-directional motor control is required. The board operates at 220V AC power input, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. It features a robust and efficient power stage designed to handle the high-voltage demands of the motor, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted performance.

3.For enhanced safety and protection, the motor driver board incorporates various built-in safeguards. These include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown, preventing potential damage to the motor and the board itself in case of abnormal operating conditions.

4.Our JYQD-V8.8B 220V AC BLDC motor driver board is designed for easy installation and integration into existing systems. Its compact and cost-effective design makes it suitable for various motor control applications, ranging from fans and blowers to pumps and industrial machinery.

Model numberJYQD-V8.8B
Operating temp.-20℃——85℃
Operating voltage90-265V AC
Max current1A
Cont.working current0.5A
PWM speed controlPWM frequency:1-20KHz;Duty cycle 0-100%
Analog voltage speed regulation0-5V
O.V/L.V protectionYes
Speed pulse signal outputYes

1.Control port

5V——Driver board internal output voltage

M——Motor speed pulse signal output,5V pulse signal

Z/F——Rotating direction control ports. Connect “5V” high level or no connect is Forward direction, connect 0V low level or connect to GND is reverse direction.

VR——Speed control port .Analog voltage linear speed regulation 0.1V-5V,The input resistance is 20K Ohm, connect with GND when input PWM speed regulation, PWM frequency: 1-20KHz;Duty cycle 0-100%

GND——Used for driver board internal control.

2.Power port

U/MA——motor phase A

V/MB——motor phase B

W/MC——motor phase C



3.Use shielded wires if the drivers board has more than 50 cm distance from the motor, otherwise it may lead to abnormal driving, affecting the normal use.

4.This AC input driver board can be the built-in driver in application

5.Pay attention to the insulation between the driver MOSFET and the heatsink or the installation plate.

Download JYQD-V8.8B's datasheet here.


1.Confirm that the voltage and power parameters of the motor not exceed the range of the driver board as specified.

2.This driver board is used for 3-phase brushless sensorless motor, but not suit for all 3-phase brushless sensorless motors directly. If the driving effect is not good (such as starting jitter, reversing, the motor noload working current is too large, the speed is not stable, the efficiency is low, and can’t start-up with load.) Customers can adjust the resistance and capacitance of the driver board according to the actual situation to achieve the best driving effect (see the attachment for how to do the adjustment)

3.JYQD-V8.8B driver board is bare board without housing and heatsink. If the power of the motor below 60W ,it does not need to add heatsink, It only needs to ensure normal ventilation and well insulation. If the power of the motor more than 60W, it must add heatsink like the diagram as below.

4.The 5V output port on the driver board prohibits connect external device. It is only applicable to the external potentiometer and switch of the board for speed regulation and reversal.

5.The “M” terminal on the JYQD-V8.8B driver board is the motor speed pulse output signal (push- pull output), and the maximum output current is less than 5mA.

1.Q:Can I place a sample order?

 Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable

2.What about the lead time

It is spending 30 days generally after you making the payment.

3.Do you provide technology support?
YES. Our company have strong R&D capability, we can provide technology support if you need. 

4.How to ship to us?
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5.How can I know the product is suitable for me?
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