BLDC motor driver

Manufacturer BLDC motor controller with high efficiency and quality.The JYQD-V Series is a high-performance brushless DC motor driver board, designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This driver board offers a reliable and efficient motor control solution, suitable for electric vehicles, robotics, automation equipment, medical devices, and more.

Key Features:

Wide Voltage Range: The JYQD-V Series supports 12V - 76V DC and AC input, accommodating different power supply requirements and providing users with greater flexibility.

High-Performance Drive: Optimized motor drive algorithms and high-quality circuit design ensure excellent drive performance and precise speed control.

Multiple Protection Functions: Built-in protections such as overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage safeguards ensure the safe operation of both the motor and the driver board.

Multiple Control Modes: Supports various control modes including pulse width modulation (PWM), voltage control, and speed closed-loop control, catering to different application scenarios.

Excellent Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of brushless DC motors, offering versatility and expandability for ease of use and upgrades.

Primary Applications:

Electric Vehicles: The JYQD-V Series driver board can be used in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, and other electric transportation systems, providing efficient and stable driving capabilities.

Robotics: This driver board is suitable for various robot applications such as industrial robots, service robots, and educational robots, providing robust support for robot motion control.

Automation Equipment: Widely applied in the field of automation equipment, including conveyor belts, robotic arms, laser cutting machines, enabling precise position and speed control.

Medical Devices: This driver board finds application in medical equipment such as electric beds, surgical robots, electric wheelchairs, delivering safe and reliable control performance.