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24V/48V DC air vacuum blower for vacuum cleaner, hand dryer, air bubble machine, ventilating device.

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Bextreme Shell


OWB-4235 series blowers, they are 24V/48VDC input and have mutiple features like high-speed ball bearing, long service life, low noise, high pressure and airflow output, high efficiency, high reliability, PWM speed regulation, etc. Widely used in buffer air cushion, intelligent closestool, electric-drive phlegm-sucker ...

Brushless DC Air Blower Features:

1:High speed, specialized high-speed ball bearing(NMB) offering long service life

and lower noise

2:High pressure and airflow output by compact size design

3: High efficiency, much more efficient than brush motor blower

4:High reliability, specialized controller make the working more reliable

5: High intelligent, PWM speed regulation, positive inversion, PG signal feedback, intelligent controlling

Brushless DC Air Blower Applications:

1: Buffer air cushion

2: Intelligent closestool

3: Electric-Drive phlegm-Sucker

4: Central ventilation system

5:Air purifier

6:Hand dryer

7: Air bubble machine

8: Ventilating device

9: Vacuum cleaner

10:breathing machine

11:air pump

OWB4235 brushless DC vacuum blower commutating period

OWB4235 brushless DC blower Performance curves

1:Do not working under the max air pressure, the air flow is too small at max air
pressure, and it's not safe for using.
2:Add a filter attach to the intake makes the blower bearing longer service life.
3:The correct rotation direction is CCW
4:Do not use the blower in High temperature ,high humidity, high magnetic fields
5:Please use suitable power supply for the blower.
6:Contact us for matched blower driver / controller

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