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24V BLDC Coolant Pump With CAN Controlling For Automotive Cooling Systems.

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The BSP-P300-CAN Water Pump is a highly efficient and reliable centrifugal pump designed for various heating and cooling circulation systems. With its CAN controlling feature, this  automotive water pump provides seamless integration and precise control capabilities. The centrifugal pump operates on a working voltage range of 18V-32V (24V) and has a rated power of 300W, making this automotive water  pump suitable for a wide range of applications.

1.Wide Voltage Range: The BSP-P300-CAN Water Pump supports a voltage range of 18V-32V (24V), allowing it to be used in different power supply systems and providing flexibility in installation.

2.High Efficiency: With a rated power of 300W, this automotive water pump delivers excellent pumping performance while minimizing energy consumption, resulting in cost savings.

3.Intelligent Control: The CAN controlling feature enables seamless integration with other systems and offers precise control over the pump's operation, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

4.Maximum Flow and Head: This centrifugal pump has a maximum flow rate of 3000L/H, allowing for efficient water circulation, and a maximum head of 21 meters, providing sufficient pressure for various applications.

5.Diverse Applications: As a coolant pump, BSP-P300-CAN Water Pump finds extensive application in hybrid buses, hybrid passenger cars, electric vehicles, trains, ships, and other heating and cooling circulation systems, where it effectively supports the circulation of coolant or other fluids.

Whether this coolant pump is for hybrid vehicles or heating and cooling systems in various transportation modes, the BSP-P300-CAN Water Pump offers reliable performance and precise control. The coolant pump's wide voltage range, high efficiency, and intelligent control capabilities make it a versatile choice for demanding applications.

■ Features of BSP-P300-CAN automotive water pump

◆Centrifugal pump

◆Magnetic force transmission (shield pump structure)

◆High efficiency brushless DC motor, low power consumption, high efficiency, long service life.

◆With wide range operating temperature

◆CAN controlling

◆With constant flow controlling

◆Reverse polarity protection

◆Dry running protection

◆Over Voltage, over current protection

◆Overload, over temperature protection

■ BSP-P300-CAN pump's driving device (Including motor)

Driving electromagnet: nylon plastic capsulated magnet

Screws and nuts: SUS 304 stainless steel

Driving Motor: brushless motor

Motor wire frame :PPA GF

Pump housing: Die‐casting aluminum case with sandblasting and impregnation treatment

Bracket: Carbon steel

Bracket hoop: SUS 304 stainless steel

Waterproof based on IP68 rating (en60529)

Connector model: AMP282106‐1 (matched PlugAMP282088‐1)

Nozzle diameter:40mm/25mm

BSP-P300-CAN's  technical description (related parts in contact with the liquid)

Pump head housing: PPS+GF

Impeller: PPS+GF

Shield cavity: PPS+GF

Shaft sleeve: Carbon resin composite materials

Shaft: stainless steel shaft

Magnet housing: nylon plastic capsulation

Seal ring: EPDM

 Model Specifications 

BSP‐P300‐CAN‐25(25mm nozzle)

BSP‐P300‐CAN‐40(40mm nozzle)

Working Voltage (VDC):18-32V(24V)             Rated Power:300W

Max flow/Head:300L/H,21M                          Dimensions(mm):154*115*132


Connector model and the corresponding electrical properties (see figure 3):

■ Performance parameter

25mm nozzle

40mm nozzle

Download datasheet of BSP-P300-CAN water pump.

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