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24V 48V Mini Blower Fan With High Airflow and Pressure For Ventilating Devices

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Introducing the OWB-10690 Blower Fan: With a versatile rated voltage of 24V and 48VDC, this compact and highly efficient blower is designed to deliver high-speed airflow of 77M3/H. Equipped with specialized ball bearing (NMB) technology, it ensures a long service life and reliable performance. With its high pressure and airflow capabilities, it's suitable for diverse applications such as buffer air cushion, intelligent closestool, central ventilation systems, air purifiers, and more. The IP54 grade provides protection against dust and water. Featuring PWM speed regulation, positive inversion, and PG signal feedback, this blower fan is ideal for various applications including hand dryers, air bubble machines, ventilating devices, vacuum cleaners, breathing machines, air pumps, and cooling equipment.

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Brushless DC Air Blower Applications:
1: Buffer air cushion
2: Intelligent closestool
3: Electric-Drive phlegm-Sucker
4: Central ventilation system
5: Air purifier
6: Hand dryer
7: Air bubble machine
8: Ventilating device
9: Vacuum cleaner
10: breathing machine
11: seeding machine
12: Cooling equipment
13: Air pump

Brushless DC Air Blower Features:
1: High speed, specialized high-speed ball bearing(NMB) offering long service life and lower noise
2: High pressure and airflow output by compact size design
3: High efficiency, much more efficient than brush motor blower
4: High reliability, specialized controller make the working more reliable
5: High intelligent, PWM speed regulation, positive inversion, PG signal feedback.
OWB10690 brushless DC vacuum blower commutating period
OWB10690 brushless DC blower Performance curves

1: The correct rotation direction is CCW
2: Contact us for suitable driver/ controller for this blower.
3: Do not working under the max air pressure, the air flow is too small at max air pressure, and it's not safe for using.
4: Please use suitable power supply for the blower.
5: Do not use the blower in High temperature ,high humidity, high magnetic fields
6: Add a filter attach to the intake makes the blower bearing longer service life.

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