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24V DC Heavy Load Linear Actuator For Solar Tracker Single-axis or Dual-axis Trackers

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OLA-928 Linear Actuator for Solar Tracker

The solar product range has been designed with all challenges like limited end play, high precision, large holding forces due to wind loads etc. OLA-928 Linear Actuator for Solar Tracker, Our design criteria have been to design actuators with a lifetime of 20 years. OLA-928 electric linear actuator features a heavy load and long stroke length, this electeic linear actuator also support IP66 protection level and it  can steady work in a wide range of temperature. OLA-928 electric linear actuator would be a great choice for solar panel tracker and other uses. Click here for more details.

OLA-928 electric linear actuator's features 

•Max thrust up to 12,000 N

•Max speed up to 3 mm/sec

•Standard stroke 50 - 1200 mm

•Protection class IP66

•Voltage 12 or 24V DC

•Aluminum housing, Stainless steel rod

•Integrated brake, high self-locking ability

•Built-in endstop and feedback systems

•Salt spray and chemical tested

•Working temperature -40℃ to +70℃

•Small full-load-current

What is solar traacker

A solar tracker is a device that tracks the sun as it moves on its path through the sky during the day, exposing your PV cells to an increased amount of sunlight and hence producing more electricity. This is because PV cells work best when they are directly facing the sun. The angle of the sun in the sky changes throughout the year as the tilt of the earth relative to the sun alters. In summer the sun is high in the sky and is also in the sky for longer as it travels through a longer arc length. In winter the sun is lower in the sky and is around for a shorter time as it travels through a shorter arc.

What types of solar tracker are here? 
Single-axis solar trackers follow the sun from sunrise to sunset as it moves in the sky through the day from east to west. They are called a single-axis trackers as the mechanism only rotates in one plane around a single axis. The axis can be oriented so that the cells stand up at a tilt (called a polar axis) or lie flat (called a horizontal axis). Horizontal axis’ are more suitable for small latitudes , whilst polar axis are more suitable for larger latitudes.
Dual-axis, or two-axis, trackers follow the sun completely. The two axes of rotation allow the tracker to position the solar cells directly perpendicular to the sun’s ray all the time. As they are able to adjust for the sun’s height as well east to west rotation dual-axis trackers fully adjust for seasons as well as adjusting to face the sun as it sits low in the horizon at sunrise and sunset, and high in the sky in the middle of the day.
Dimension drawing of linear actuator
Detailed drawing will be offered based on client's requirement.
Robust and Dependable
Waterproof and dustproof test of OLA-928 electric linear actuator

OLA-928 is tested according to the following standards:

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