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12000N Heavy Load 12V 24V Input Linear Actuator With Adjustable End Switches.

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OLA-905G Linear Actuator: a versatile, high-performance solution for various automation applications. This actuator operates on 12V or 24V DC input voltage, offering a stroke length of 50-1000mm and a load capacity of up to 12000N. With a travel speed of 6.5-38 mm/s, it ensures rapid and precise movement. The integrated adjustable limit switch provides accurate positioning, while the duty cycle of 25% allows for continuous operation over 4 minutes. With an impressive IP66 rating, it is well-protected against dust and water ingress. Operating seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 65℃, OLA  series electric linear actuator is perfectly suited for demanding environments. The actuator comes with a 600mm cable length for convenient installation. Choose between potentiometer or hall sensor feedback options to suit your requirements. From automatic cutting machines to solar panels, garage door openers to satellite antennas, and combine harvesters to agricultural machinery and tractors, the OLA-905G Linear Actuator is the ideal choice for your diverse automation needs. Click here for specificaitoon

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