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110V-230V Input FOC Driver Aquarium Pump For Hydroponics and Aquarium.

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OWP-D plus
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The OWP-D Plus Series Top ECO Water Pump is a highly efficient and versatile water pump designed for various applications such as  hydroponics, aquarium.  With this  wide input voltage range of 110V-230VAC, this aquarium pump is suitable for use in different regions. It features a powerful motor, offering a head range of 2M-7M and a speed range of 3500-4500rpm, ensuring optimal performance in demanding situations.

This water pump delivers a flow rate of 3000-15000 L/H, providing ample capacity for water circulation and transfer. With a power range of 25W-150W, it offers a balance between energy efficiency and performance, reducing energy costs while maintaining reliable operation.

One of the notable features of the OWP-D Plus Series aquarium pump is its self-acting dry running protection, which safeguards the pump from damage during low water levels or dry conditions. The bldc water pump also incorporates a memory function that retains the running status, ensuring seamless continuation after power interruptions.

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The OWP-D Plus Series water pump comes with an external controller, allowing easy adjustment and monitoring of pump settings. The controller enables precise control with 2-watt increments, ensuring optimal flow and performance customization.

This water pump offers versatile installation options, allowing for both submersible and dry installation methods, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is designed to withstand the corrosive nature of sea water, making it ideal for marine usage.

Equipped with an LCD display, the OWP-D Plus Series provides clear RPM (Revolution per Minute) information, ensuring easy monitoring of pump speed. Furthermore, it supports 0-10V signal control, enabling integration with external systems for automated operation. The pump features user-friendly touch buttons, simplifying the setup and adjustment process.

Utilizing a true FOC (Field-Oriented Control) driver, the OWP-D Plus Series ensures precise speed and torque control, resulting in optimized performance and energy efficiency.

The OWP-D Plus Series Top ECO Pump finds application in various settings such as sea/fresh water aquariums, ponds, aquaculture systems, swimming pools, spas, solar pump systems, and horticulture irrigation. It provides reliable water circulation and efficient transfer, meeting the needs of different water management scenarios.

In summary, the OWP-D Plus Series Top ECO Pump delivers exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and versatility. With its advanced features, robust construction, and wide range of applications, this water pump is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and efficient water management solutions.

Functions and advantages of this aquarium pump

※ Self-acting dry running protection

※ Memory of running status

※ High efficiency

※ Low noise and smoothly running

※ External controller

※ 2 Watt per adjusting step

※ Submersible or dry install

※ Sea water using

※ LCD showing RPM, current, etc.

※ 0-10V signal control

※ Touching buttons

※ Ture FOC driver

Structure of this aquarium pump

※This bldc water Pump is BLDC motor drived with sine wave controller.

※ Pump body is filled with epoxy resin, no water leak into stator, a temperature controller inside to protect over heat.

※ Closed impeller is more effective, a water recycle through-hole inside rotor to reduce heat raise.

※ The aquarium pump head is designed based on fluid mechanics to increase efficiency.

※ Titanium screw for sea water use.

※ Gel pump feet to decrease vibration.

※ Inlet and outlet mouth are British standard thread, OD of them are expanded to increase pump pressure.

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Filed Of Application

Top-Eco series DC pump is mainly applied in:

Aquarium, Aquaculture, SPA, Koi Pond, Swimming pool, etc.


D3—D15 Selective Fittings

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